January – March 2010

Telecentre.org Enters the 2.0 Phase

From telecentre.org to telecentre.org Foundation: The Journey Continues…

Empowering Telecentres through Knowledge Sharing: the SATNET National Telecentre workshop

An informal interaction with the Latin American delegation visiting India and MS Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF)

50,000 First Time Internet Users Online in One Day Across Europe

Knowledge Networks to Capacitate the Disadvantaged Communities

Rural Knowledge Revolution for Agrarian Prosperity and Sustainable Livelihood Security

Learning and Sharing with Peers: The eAsia Telecentre Forum 2009

Asia Pacific Telecentre Network:

The Sahaj CSC Model: Bringing Government, Business and Services to Rural India

Siyafunda CTCs: Empowering, Educating and e-Connecting Communities, South Africa

Telecentres as Community College for Skill Development and Higher Education, India

Learning from Indian Peers: Rural and Urban Digital Inclusion Meeting, Chile

An African Exploration to India Searching for ICT Solutions for Development

Thai Telecentre Movement: A Case Study of North

Telecentres for Obtaining Fishing Information

Ten Steps to Replicate Mission 2007 Dustin Byfuglien Jersey

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