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Fishing Information Centre,

introduced by Weligama Nenasala (Telecentre) is an innovative service provider to the fishing community in Sri Lanka. In order to provide accurate information about potential fishing zones in the Indian Ocean by using ICTs, Weligama Nenasala manages a web portal

The main objective of this centre is to help fishing community of Sri Lanka to find the potential fishing zones faster and easier, thereby reducing fuel consumption by the fishing boats.

WRTG Nilaweera, Nenasala manager, is the pioneer, who launched this project. During the experimental stage, Weligama Nenasala provided this service for free of charge to test the accuracy of the information, which is estimated at about sixty percent. Fishermen interested in obtaining this service can get registered with the Nenasala and start getting all the information on the payment of the monthly charges. This is a sustainable project as Weligama Nenasala generates a satisfactory monthly income through it. They are planning to get it registered as a business and employ people to generate awareness about this venture among the fishing community. Weligama Nenasala expresses their sincere appreciation for Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka that provided the initial financial assistance to implement the project and guidance for managing the Fisheries Information Centre successfully.


Why to replicate?

Most of the fishermen still use traditional methods for fishing. With the prior information provided by the Fishing Information Centre, the fishermen can directly reach potential fishing zones and they can also avoid the uncertainty related with the size of the catch. As it helps to reduce the production cost, the fishermen find it a valuable service and it also impacts telecentre sustainability in a positive way.

Who can do this?

Telecentre managers and operators, who are managing telecentres located in coastal areas can replicate this project for the benefit of the fishermen. Also entrepreneurs, who are capable of transforming challenges into business opportunities can replicate the project.

How to proceed?

The required procedure for project implementation is  lengthy and time consuming. In addition, initial costs of this project will be comparatively high. Therefore, the telecentre managers will need to contact relevant authorities, institution, or donor agencies, who can support them financially during its initial stage. Once the financial concerns are over, they need to contact experts for relevant technical assistance on satellite data collation and analysis. For disseminating the service via SMS or any other communication channel, they also need to contact the telecommunication service providers. For more information contact W.R.T.G. Nilaweera, Manager, Weligama Nenasala, No. 243 A, Main Street, Weligama, Sri Lanka,

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